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Muhamad Sadillah (Ableh)

i'am Blogger,advantured,Backpacker, life is adventure..


Hendricus Widiantoro

Aku memiliki hidup yang simpel ga terlalu ribet. Enjoy dengan kehidupanku. Backpaker, Tracking adalah sebuah keinginan yang membuatku bersemangat menghadapi hidup: mengenal banyak tempat, situasi, orang. Mensyukuri Karunia Tuhan.

Tatik Markutik

mail : or

Dina DuaRansel

I've been backpacking around the world since April 2009. I don't mean going on short backpacking trips now and then. I mean being on the road, going from a place to the next one, "pengembara" style. Then you can call me permanent traveler or digital nomad too. So I've been on the road for more than 2 years, just with my husband and our backpacks. That's all. Follow our journey in our travel blogs: (in Indonesian) (in English)


Sport lover, MTB adventure & bycicle addict

Reno Manggala

well, I'm just a simple person that can adapt in any situations and have high curiosity in learning and exploring new experience. I am interested in hiking, travelling, and still learning about photography. It is what it is, I'm not exaggerating about myself.

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