Mohamad Rahmat

slow but sure.. go..go.. and go..

Judika B.M.

A writer @Aplaus theLifestyle| Love: Sleeping, Chocolate, Food, Coffee, Milk, Tea, Travelling, Novelholic. Big fan of Maliq| Passionate in writing anythg

Aji Subekti

WANTED DESTINATION 1#destination Moon 2#destination Mecha 3#destination Japan 4#destination Europe 5#destination China 6#destination Himalaya 7#destination Keliling Indonesia (Lombok, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Jawa, Karimun Jawa, etc) 8#destination Married 9#destination find the right person to make me happy forever and always beside me whether in good or bad condition Final#destination Rest In Peace

Ariez Jurassic

life spanned the horizon like a vast universe of natural shine


Sport lover, MTB adventure & bycicle addict

Frederick Yudha

berpetualang itu indah... face book >> twitter>> @frederick_yudha


dunia adalah komedi bagi mereka yang memikirkannya, atau tragedi bagi mereka yang merasakannya.

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