An Nur Khairisa

amateur traveller but yet love to explore a whole thing bout Indonesia tourism spots

Dina DuaRansel

I've been backpacking around the world since April 2009. I don't mean going on short backpacking trips now and then. I mean being on the road, going from a place to the next one, "pengembara" style. Then you can call me permanent traveler or digital nomad too. So I've been on the road for more than 2 years, just with my husband and our backpacks. That's all. Follow our journey in our travel blogs: (in Indonesian) (in English)


Sport lover, MTB adventure & bycicle addict

Bootman Mr

PUNCAK menjadii tujuan Wisata Sepeda Gunung Keluarga dan mengembalikan sepeda gunung ke habitatnya serta menggiatkan rekreasi hutan dan gunung

Frederick Yudha

berpetualang itu indah... face book >> twitter>> @frederick_yudha

Nana_ Zzz

look at :!/ratna_vii3

Babeh Amin

Saya berusaha melakukan yang terbaik yang saya tahu, yang terbaik yang saya bisa, dan saya sungguh-sungguh berusaha melakukannya hingga mencapai tujuan....

Marlina Purnawati

simple but elegant keep spirit for backpacker..^^

Aris Adiyanto

When you get to the top of the mountain, keep on climbing... Huh..?

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