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Eka Sardi

belajar menghargai hidup dan alam.
backpacker wannabe.
love me or hate me. as simple as that :)

Reno Manggala

well, I'm just a simple person that can adapt in any situations and have high curiosity in learning and exploring new experience. I am interested in hiking, travelling, and still learning about photography. It is what it is, I'm not exaggerating about myself.

Jefry Lime

IT Support. Like backpacking. member of KIT, CS. let me know if you have a trip next time...

Kurniawan Aji Saputra

Web programmer Kontan (Koran bisnis mingguan. Memuat berita investasi, keuangan, data pergerakan saham, dan trend bisnis) and Backpackin Magazine (Majalah Backpaker Indonesia) . Taking great interests

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