Farah Rivai

like traveling and have dream to be backpacker and go around the world,(not only dream, i think, i wanna make it come true someday) easy going, open minded, and also love making friend... and if u wanna travell to NTT,NTB,and Bali at the end of this year Call me.. :)

Ferditya Chandra

Adventure Lovers, Travel Lovers & Photography Lovers. I Like Sports & Back To Nature.

Backpacker Indonesia

Komunitas Backpacker dan pecinta jalan-jalan.

Kurniawan Aji Saputra

Web programmer Kontan (Koran bisnis mingguan. Memuat berita investasi, keuangan, data pergerakan saham, dan trend bisnis) and Backpackin Magazine (Majalah Backpaker Indonesia) . Taking great interests

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