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Agung Boundet

tentram luar dalam

Melanie Suci

I only got 86.400 seconds in a day, to turn it all around or throw it all away ... Love music, adventure, photograph,,,

Nyoman Ria

Ordinary being who loves to travel the world

Niken Prasetyanti

I am addicted to coffee, ice cream, chocolate, all about Vanilla, and travelling :D

Judika B.M.

A writer @Aplaus theLifestyle| Love: Sleeping, Chocolate, Food, Coffee, Milk, Tea, Travelling, Novelholic. Big fan of Maliq| Passionate in writing anythg

Dina DuaRansel

I've been backpacking around the world since April 2009. I don't mean going on short backpacking trips now and then. I mean being on the road, going from a place to the next one, "pengembara" style. Then you can call me permanent traveler or digital nomad too. So I've been on the road for more than 2 years, just with my husband and our backpacks. That's all. Follow our journey in our travel blogs: (in Indonesian) (in English)

Rakhel Adinda Victoria

love travelling, reading novel, listening music, and hijacking people due to my job :p

Andi Yudistira

"selama masih mampu mengangkat ransel, kayanya masih belum waktunya untuk membawa koper"

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