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Pieces Outdor (Afif Mirza Pical)

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Nisrina Aulnodh

Hi! I'm Nisrina.. I love adventure and I'm a part of tourism ambassador in my town. I love making new friends follow my twitter: @nisrinaAND & my like my facebook page thanks :)

Farah Rivai

like traveling and have dream to be backpacker and go around the world,(not only dream, i think, i wanna make it come true someday) easy going, open minded, and also love making friend... and if u wanna travell to NTT,NTB,and Bali at the end of this year Call me.. :)

Ferditya Chandra

Adventure Lovers, Travel Lovers & Photography Lovers. I Like Sports & Back To Nature.

Langit Merah

Bukan visionaris, bukan misionaris, bukan juga agen penyelamat rakyat. Hanya berusaha memberi makna pada hidupku sendiri.

Nenk Coo'uleun

Aku adalah saat Aku sendiri...

Puty R. Pratiwi

just like u.. a part of the universe...

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