Jogja Java Carnival 2011



Location : Alun-alun Utara

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October 22, 2011 - October 22, 2011

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Every October 7, the people of Yogyakarta has always celebrated the anniversary of his hometown.In 2011 Yogyakarta will celebrate its 255 anniversary. Beginning with a series of activities such as Jogja Mozaik Parade and Villages Festival. Peak of Yogyakarta anniversary will be celebrated with Jogja Java Carnival at October 22 2011. Jogja Java Carnival that carries the brand image: Night Carnival (carnival at night), street performance (performance will always be performed during the carnival run by using the street as the stage area), a mobile floating (stage area that runs embodied in a vehicle as part of stage area), and international participant (involvement of participants from abroad) is expected to become an icon of Yogyakarta tourism event.

For further information contact the Provincial Tourism Office of Yogyakarta JalanMalioboro 56 Phone: (0274) 587 486



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