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6 Tips To Make Your Himalayan Monsoon Trek More Enjoyable

Posted by : Manoj K December 18, 2017 Category : Other

The majestic Himalayas are truly an awesome destination. And, during monsoon season, it gets even better (although it does get increasingly wetter, which can be problematic). When you’re making a list of things that you will need to take on your monsoon Himalayan trek, keep these tips in mind to help ensure that you have the best experience possible:

1. Pack a poncho over a raincoat

 A poncho is the better choice when it comes to treks, as you can have it on (even over your backpack) in less than 10 seconds. On top of this, the loose fit of the garment helps to prevent moisture buildup due to perspiration and humidity. Finally, ponchos pack small and can easily fit within the hip belt of your backpack.


2. Pack non-cotton pants and long sleeved t-shirts

Cotton is great for the summer, but we don’t recommend it for monsoon season. Cottons – or any fabric that holds water – gets very heavy with the rain and will fail to work as an insulator. Instead, we recommend synthetic, full sleeve t-shirts and full-length pants (it is best to be covered as much as possible to avoid stings and thorns).


3. Wear lugged shoes with good ventilation

Thanks to slippery rocks, mud slush, wet vegetation and more, your only saviour on Himalayan monsoon treks will be shoes with good grip. The deeper the lugs, the better the grip. Waterproof shoes with ample ventilation can also help to control blisters. Just ensure that all shoes have high ankle support – thongs are best avoided.


4. Mind your feet (you’ll need them)

Your feet will generally be the first thing to take the brunt of the monsoon weather. Having continuously wet feet as a result of the rain might turn your skin soft and wrinkly, which can attract fungal infections. Before you begin your trek, use a generous amount of anti-fungal powder. Wear thin socks and change them at least once during the journey.


5. Pack smart

No matter what time of year you plan for India guided tours, it’s essential that you pack your backpack smartly – most notably, keep frequently used items outside of the pack, in the pockets, so that they’re easily accessible. This also helps you to avoid getting rain into your pack – whenever you open it, the water will get into your bag and soak your belongings.


6. Beware of leeches and avoid them where possible

If you spot a leech sucking your blood, apply salt and it will drop off – don’t pull on these insects, as their bite is stronger than you think and it will make you bleed more. Tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your socks to help prevent them from getting underneath. And keep walking; when you stop, find somewhere dry.
There is a variety of Himalayan monsoon treks to choose from, ensuring that you’re able to find one to match your skill level and desired experiences. From the easy Valley of Flowers and Tarsar Marsar treks to the moderate Kashmir Great Lakes and Hampta Pass treks, there is something for everyone. Be sure to take plenty of photos so that you can look back with a smile.

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